Surfer Ladies

In the spirit of my current Polynesian inspired collection I went for my first surf of the year yesterday, at sunset, just to keep to the colour palette. 

As myself and my BFF stood in the driveway about to depart in the surf-mobile we went through our checklist of top-priority pieces; underwear, hair-brush, moisturiser, face-wipes, towel (in that order) and boarded the van.  After ten minutes my BFF shouted "Your board!", no fear STILL in the van from last summer, ten minutes later I realised- fatal error, no hair tie!!  God damn. 

Waxing our boards at the beach about to change, the realisation that my wetsuit was absent from the dry bag was a horrifying one...even more horrifying was our pre-departure checklist, the realisation that we are not laid back surfer girls, but instead surfer ladies who think not of the actual surf, but how to restore oneself apres surf!  So in this lovely March weather I entered the lovely March sea, in a borrowed mens shorty summer suit with extra room for movement..and water!  That aside I had a brilliant time, the sky was beautiful, and I was happy with the one good wave that I caught and the two seconds of standing up that resulted from it.  The hypothermia that set in pretty much instantly was worth it.  The fact that I was too cold to put on the underwear I had brought, brush my hair, or moisturise my face made it all the more funny that these were my priority things to pack.  

So back to my Collection, spent a few days drawing and developing ideas for designs this week, mainly working from leaves and flowers in my garden.



PS - A print from my graduate collection entitled 'The Witching Hour' has been featured on a trend forecasting website, take a glance if you like!