Paid in Buttons!

I think that I may have got a little carried away with the premature but welcomed onset of spring and summer symptoms last week.  Not only was I distracted whilst shopping, straying from sensible and wearable purchases (so boring).  I found myself purchasing things that I am not going to be able to wear for a long time, a time that in this country may, and propably will, never happen.  High on what I thought to be both bargainous, and excellent shopping purchases, (as well as buying something depicting my size as two sizes smaller than reality) I decided that it was the perfect time to start making myself a collection of summer dresses. 

This sudden desire for pattern drafting and dress construction was spurred on by buttons.  I have a newly acquired button collection, one that I am very proud of, and am all to happy to get out and show to any unfortunate and unwilling visitors to my studio.  My buttons I would like to say were a result of hard work, long hours and busy commuting.  I am viewing them as payment from my latest internship, but others may view it as 'rubbish' (hardly!) that was being disposed of in any way possible, and interns were an excellent, greatful and enthusiastic way to do this. 

Thus my new summer wardrobe features alot of buttons, if only as a style feature.  Is it just a little ridiculous to have buttons up the back and front of a dress?  I dont think so.  So dress number one is completed, in a lovely cotton jersey that dapes really well, and actually fits with my 'Vinatage Polynesian Holiday' colour palette, but sadly features just six buttons.  

The limited audience that my dress has recieved thus far is contained to close friends and immediate family only.  My sister had the kindness to comment that from the back I resembled a fly with the sides of the dress looking like its wings at rest, and then commented that it was cape like.  So it is strong in superhero qualities.  Surely a winner then?  Who doesnt want to look like a superhero whilst on the beach?  I have already purchased the fabric for dress number two, maybe I will minimise the insect like qualities.

Luckily this change in weather has enabled me to concentrate on a side project this week.  I have been brainstorming ideas for knitwear designs, and have had a really productive time, I think because it was a challenge to my usual style.  I looked through my archives of unused drawings, and reworked some into knitwear motifs.  I am a lover of lace and whitework and so decided to design a beautiful collar embroidery (I was watching Jane Austens Emma at the time), that could also be used as a motif or worked into a print, I got so carried away I designed a complete look....oooo a printed suit, why not?