Fantasy Decorating...

The beginning of a new collection, a time of research and inspiration hunting.  Recently I have to admit my mind hasn't exactly been on the job.  Although I have been spending hours researching, creating mood-boards and exploring colour ideas, this hasn't been for my new collection.  I am flat hunting.

Enough is enough.  No matter how much you love the original features of a Victorian abode; when you are lying in bed beneath multiple blankets (both of the electric and non electric variety), duvets, and eiderdowns watching your own breath in front of the words of the book you are trying to read with gloved hands; thoughts drift through your head of warmer times.  The idea of a double glazed, low ceiling, chimney and stained glass free room starts to become a real desire.  And as previously mentioned I am an obsessive.  Therefore  the idea entered my head, and moments later a great tree had grown.

After viewing just one flat where it was discovered that it was indeed so small that all of our furniture was too much furniture, and that issue of wardrobes was raised (why install such a ridiculously small in-built wardrobe?)  I was moving.  The pintrest addiction was reawakened, and I was obsessively collecting images of interiors, of new furniture to replace that old furniture, of room colour-ways, curtain ideas, storage solutions, I was (in my head) purchasing new fluffy towels, dip dying duvet covers and framing pictures....... I am still in the original flat.  Ants have moved into the kitchen.  This has helped my diet, I no longer want to eat.  But I do want a new flat.  This I fear will take time.

Therefore all that energy has been transferred into my new Collection.  I have taken inspiration from willow pattern china, and from lace, this will be an Autumn collection of inky blues and porcelain white.