Heady Boudoir

I have recently been working on a new collection of designs for scarves, which I eventually aim to produce and sell.

I was initially inspired by the idea of tropicana dipped into darkness.  I named it Heady Boudoir and looked to dark romantic florals, opulent jewel tones, leaf and palm prints, and a Japanese element incorporating both florals and geometrics.  As my collection has developed it has moved out of the bedroom and into the sunlight, the tropical element has developed into a more British tropicana, and the resulting prints are suitable for both Spring and Summer and Autumn and Winter.

As my collection has developed I thought I would give you a sneak peek into the design development of my latest print 'Rain Daisies'.  I filmed myself during the drawing and painting stage of the print development and then edited a lot of minutes (hours) down to a few, to give you an idea of what goes into each design.  Take a look on You Tube by following the link below, or search for Rebecca O'Grady.