From Tulips to Righteous Raven....

I thought that I would take a look back at the development of some of my prints in the Botanical Boudoir collection, starting at the beginning with my very first design Tulips.  

When I started this collection I was doing it for myself, I wanted to test myself.  The first test was with medium.  I had never successfully used acrylic paints, and consequently had a large amount of them hanging around.  The last painting I did using acrylics was sadly a gift for my unfortunate friends birthday, which haunts me to this day.  Every time I go to her house its hanging there in her living room shouting at me 'destroy', 'DESTROY'.  Its hideous in many ways, and she really is a true friend to have it hanging there several years later.  This painting prevented me from ever using them again, until now.  I had also been doing a lot of ink drawings and tonal studies, and wanted to introduce colour into my work before I got to the computer stage of design development.  So acrylics were my experiment.  

Another way in which I was testing myself was with actual design.  I had been doing a lot of prints that I was not proud of, prints that I spent time on but weren't true to my design process, they were disposable, like fast fashion.  I wanted to spend time on prints that I would wear, that I would be proud of, and which came from a story or theme that I had developed through research.  I wanted a body of work that could be a collection.  As I developed this work I decided that in order for it to actually mean anything I would have to develop products that I could sell, and thus start a business.

So the fate of my potential business hung on my perceptions of my first painting Tulips.  And to my shock I actually enjoyed using acrylic paints and painting.