Palm Paradise

The print that I am celebrating this week is Palm Paradise.  Palm Paradise is perhaps the print that is the most true to my initial moodboard, and the ideas that I had at the beginning of the collection.  

My initial title for the collection was Heady Boudoir.  I wanted to portray both sensuality, and an exotic element to these tropical plants.  I imagined an almost Miss Hannigan like lair, with these printed scarves draping across the walls, windows, and lamps of her boudoir.  As the collection evolved so did my ideas.  I have reflected in an earlier blog post about the idea of the collection moving out of the bedroom and into the garden.  Perhaps its not so much the idea of the bedroom, or the garden, but that of an evolution of design from the intimate, sensual, and opulent, to something much fresher and brighter.  This can be seen in the alternative colour ways that are available for this print.  My initial palette was that of jewel tones, but also in order to offer more choice, and diversity, the second colour way of many of my designs was inspired by Miamis' Art Deco Architecture.  The combination of the colour palette of ice cream shades and palm leaves. 

Palm Paradise has now become my logo, in a way, for Righteous Raven.  Adorning all Righteous Raven stationary and packaging!  Something that I want to explore with my brand is expansion into other products.  I am a Print Designer first and foremost and prints can adorn anything and everything- and should.  This is what I want to achieve, a completely coordinated wardrobe and interior space, like a chameleon I can hide from my prey by donning a printed suit and standing still against the wallpaper!  Therefore it is fitting that I have worked this print into a repeat worthy for wallpaper (and infinite other possibilities).  Now all that is left is to get a printed suit....