Puma Palm was the first print in the collection Welcome To The Jungle.  It features Marcus the puma skulking through his leafy habitat.  

I wanted the leaves to be super sized in relation to Marcus, giving an almost sinister undercurrent to the print, the jungle swallowing the animals that lurk.  This became my theme, the collection featuring different animal life, all being engulfed by the plants.  Although maybe a step away from this darkness has perhaps been Eric the lemur in the Leaf Lemur print, who is quite happily hiding amongst the leaves, a  more playful print in the collection.  

This print is one of my favourites, not just because I love Marcus, but also because it captures the mood that I was trying to create.  A less saccharine, and darker print, a warning of the dangers lurking within.  There are two colour ways available in this print, Black, and Mint.  It is featured on large silk scarves, on makeup bags, and cushions, all available to buy in my online store.  Tshirts will be coming soon, and are available to pre-order, just get in contact through the contact us page!  Wallpaper is also available as a bespoke service!