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Bag for Life?

Since moving house a little over a year ago, my studio has not been the haven that it once was.  I was far too enthusiastic when boxing up and moving out, thinking that I would be creating a whole host of storage-solutions.  And that book case that may have already moved one house too far was the first on the hit list.   So there were several trips to the local dump, where I resisted climbing into skips to 'rescue' thrown away treasures.  I was downsizing.  This was very difficult for me, I hardly ever throw anything away.  Its very disturbing to realise that what I thought was having a bag for life, actually turned out to be a bag...

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Surfer Ladies

In the spirit of my current Polynesian inspired collection I went for my first surf of the year yesterday, at sunset, just to keep to the colour palette.  As myself and my BFF stood in the driveway about to depart in the surf-mobile we went through our checklist of top-priority pieces; underwear, hair-brush, moisturiser, face-wipes, towel (in that order) and boarded the van.  After ten minutes my BFF shouted "Your board!", no fear STILL in the van from last summer, ten minutes later I realised- fatal error, no hair tie!!  God damn.  Waxing our boards at the beach about to change, the realisation that my wetsuit was absent from the dry bag was a horrifying one...even more horrifying was our pre-departure checklist, the realisation that we...

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