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Bag for Life?

Since moving house a little over a year ago, my studio has not been the haven that it once was.  I was far too enthusiastic when boxing up and moving out, thinking that I would be creating a whole host of storage-solutions.  And that book case that may have already moved one house too far was the first on the hit list.   So there were several trips to the local dump, where I resisted climbing into skips to 'rescue' thrown away treasures.  I was downsizing.  This was very difficult for me, I hardly ever throw anything away.  Its very disturbing to realise that what I thought was having a bag for life, actually turned out to be a bag...

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Patchwork Print

Following the BITA competition I got a taste for designing textiles for interiors, and for competitions, and so I decided to enter the Urban Outfitters & Arts Thread competition to design a patchwork quilt. Unfortunately no prizes were won…and I entered no more competitions in 2013…but not because I was a sore loser, but because I had actual work to be doing!I was inspired by victorian tiles, scarf prints and mosaics, and designed a reversible patchwork quilt and pillow case that would offer the customer two exciting alternatives for small space living.  

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