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Patchwork Print

Following the BITA competition I got a taste for designing textiles for interiors, and for competitions, and so I decided to enter the Urban Outfitters & Arts Thread competition to design a patchwork quilt. Unfortunately no prizes were won…and I entered no more competitions in 2013…but not because I was a sore loser, but because I had actual work to be doing!I was inspired by victorian tiles, scarf prints and mosaics, and designed a reversible patchwork quilt and pillow case that would offer the customer two exciting alternatives for small space living.  

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Its that time of year where most of us make promises to ourselves about what we hope to achieve in the coming year.  I have been recycling the same resolutions year after year- I am no closer to being able to do the splits.  So with the optimistic hopefulness that each years good intentions start out with in mind, I am taking a look at what I did actually do in 2013! Here is a collection of designs that I created for use in interior spaces for wallpaper, and fabric for upholstery and curtaining.  These designs were all hand drawn from life studies using ink pens, and then engineered into repeats.  I entered the collection into the...

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  I thought that I would share with you a festive print!  Art deco ladies having a lovely time skiing!  I was inspired by Russian Constructivist textile prints as well as Art Deco fashion drawings!  Here they meet for christmas harmony!   .

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